Frequently Asked Questions

Why will my customers buy these bookmarks?

‘Legends’ have what your customers want - an attractive souvenir that links them to the unforgettable history of the romantic West. And, besides being useful, they’re educational, fun and collectible!

Why should I give precious counter space to these bookmarks?

Minutes after opening the carton, our handcrafted, attention-getting display will have your customers going back in time to “re-live” America’s legendary Old West. And, made of solid wood, your display case is a compact and durable “silent salesperson!”

Will I really make a good profit?

You bet! You can easily retail these quality, souvenir bookmarks at two to three times over your invoice cost! (See Order Form)

What kind of service can I expect from your company?

With your confirmed order, a complete Frontier package and the unique display case will be shipped to you in just a few days! Re-order packages are shipped within 48 hours. And, with our TOLL-FREE number, 1-800-291-8132, any concerns you have are a phone call away.

How can I find out more about your products?

Contact us via e-mail at